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Compact Games

Compact Games

Our compacts are the perfect fit for your backpack!

Easy on-the-go, hours of playing fun and top notch puzzle games.

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  1. Chicken Shuffle Jr
    Chicken Shuffle Jr

    Can you help all the chickens cover their eggs?

    Learn More
  2. Atlantis Escape
    Atlantis Escape
    Can you escape from Atlantis before the beautiful city disappears underwater? Learn More
  3. Color Catch
    Color Catch
    Help the animals catch their dinner! Learn More
  4. Asteroid Escape
    Asteroid Escape
    Your flying skills will be tested to the limit in order to escape! Learn More
  5. Squirrels Go Nuts!
    Squirrels Go Nuts!
    Help the squirrels get ready for winter! Can you move the squirrels around and hide their acorns underground? Learn More
  6. JumpIN'
    Move the rabbits (jumping) and foxes (sliding) around the gameboard until all of the rabbits are safe in brown holes. Learn More
  7. Ghost Hunters
    Ghost Hunters
    Have you ever wondered what ghosts do in a haunted mansion? Play Ghost Hunters and use your brain to find out! Learn More
    Out of stock
  8. Parking Puzzler
    Parking Puzzler
    Test your parking skills with the 60 challenges in Parking Puzzler! Learn More
  9. Penguins Pool Party
    Penguins Pool Party
    The Smart Penguins challenge you in this exciting new 3D game...and now it’s time for a swim! Learn More
    Out of stock
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